January 2012 Workshops Available

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?
As we begin 2012, why not expand your technical knowledge by attending a few classes. The TLTC is offering some of our most popular classes for faculty and administrators. Please click on the appropriate Register button to see a course description and register. All classes are held in the Computer Training Lab located on the lower level of the Walsh Library.

Hope to see you in 2012!

Microsoft Office
Introduction to PowerPoint
Monday, 1/9/12, 1:00pm                              Register

PowerPoint Presentations: Advanced Techniques
Friday, 1/6/12, 11:00am                                Register
Thursday, 1/19/12, 3:00pm                          Register
Tuesday, 1/24/12, 11:00am                          Register

Introduction to Excel
Thursday, 1/19/12, 11:00am                        Register

Using Formulas in Excel
Friday, 1/6/12, 9:30am                                  Register
Monday, 1/23/12, 1:00pm                            Register

Using Database Functions in Excel
Tuesday, 1/10/12, 11:00am                          Register
Monday, 1/30/12, 11:00am                          Register

Creating and Designing Excel Charts
Tuesday, 1/10/12, 9:30am                             Register
Friday, 1/27/12, 1:00pm                                Register

Creating a Mail Merge in Word
Friday, 1/6/12, 2:30pm                                Register
Wednesday, 1/25/12, 1:00pm                    Register

Format Professional Looking Documents in Word
Tuesday, 1/10/12, 2:30pm                            Register
Thursday, 1/26/12, 11:00am                         Register

Managing Your E-Mail
Friday, 1/13/12, 9:30am                                 Register

Organizing and Managing Your Computer Files
Thursday, 1/5/12, 2:30pm                             Register
Friday, 1/13/12, 11:30am                              Register

Working in the Cloud!
Thursday, 1/5/12, 1:00pm                            Register
Tuesday, 1/10/12, 1:00pm                            Register

Social Media
Let’s Collaborate
Friday, 1/6/12, 1:00pm                                   Register

Using Twitter to Make Connections
Friday, 1/13/12, 1:00pm                                Register

Getting Started with Blackboard
Monday, 1/9/12, 9:30am                               Register
Friday, 1/20/12, 11:00am                              Register
Tuesday, 1/24/12, 3:00pm                            Register

Blackboard Assessment Tools
Monday, 1/9/12, 11:00am                            Register
Friday, 1/20/12, 2:30pm                               Register

Blackboard Grade Center I
Friday, 1/20/12, 1:00pm                               Register
Thursday, 1/26/12, 3:00pm                          Register

Blackboard Grade Center II
Friday, 1/27/12, 9:30am                                 Register

Archiving or Copying a Blackboard Course (Webinars)
Friday, 1/20/12, 9:30am                                Register
Wednesday, 1/25/12, 4:00pm                      Register
Friday, 1/27/12, 11:30am                              Register
Monday, 1/30/12, 4:00pm                            Register

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