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Handheld portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones, along with wireless technology, have reshaped our daily lives in radical ways. How can we harness this evolution to increase the potential of learning in our classrooms?   The Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC), for the Fall of 2012, is offering a series of workshops to explore practical applications and techniques supported by mobile environments to increase connection and engagement  while expanding e-learning opportunities to our students.

What exactly is mobile learning anyway?  Key components fall under three concepts which include the mobility of the technology and learners, and learning anywhere and everywhere. Don’t miss this chance to investigate and explore the potential of this highly changing, dynamic form of delivery with the TLTC this fall!

Scan Me! Integrate QR Codes into Your Teaching
September 14th 9-12pm
TLTC Conference Room
Heidi Trotta, Instructional Designer; Bill Otskey, Computer Training Manager
In this session we will discuss working with one of the hottest mobile tech trends, QR Codes.  Discover how to create QR Codes and use them effectively.  We will look how QR codes work, best practices for their creation, types of information to be embedded within them and how to use them in the classroom to extend learning opportunities, provide remediation and encourage community.  Bring your smart phone or tablet if you have one for this fun-filled workshop. **Bring Laptop  Register



Topic Enrichment Starring YouTube
September 21, 2012 9-12pm
TLTC Conference Room
Renee Cicchino, Senior Instructional Designer; Riad Twal, Instructional Designer
YouTube can be used in and out of the classroom on virtually any device making it a tremendous resource for learning. Elements that make YouTube so interesting on a mobile app include subscribing to the class’s YouTube channel, as well other organizations for topic enrichment. During this workshop we will be examining two YouTube channels, The Harvard Business Review (, and National Geographic ( This session will cover a variety of ways to integrate this tool in your teaching and in activities for your students. **Bring Laptop  Register

Engaging Your Students with Electronic Polling
September 28, 2012 9-12pm
Computer Training Classroom
Mary Zedeck, Instructional Designer; Shayle Adrian, Instructional Designer
Electronic polling can be a very useful tool for voting, immediate feedback, evaluations, or for collecting data for teaching and research purposes. Poll Everywhere is an online tool that allows you to get instant feedback from your audience using mobile devices or standard laptops. In this session, you will learn how to set up audience response systems using Poll Everywhere, strategies for engaging your students (i.e., quizzing, attendance, feedback, evaluations, discussions, etc.), and best practices. Finally, we will discuss ways to integrate this tool into your classroom using PowerPoint or any web browser.  Register

Extend the Classroom through Location Based Learning
October 5, 2012  9-12pm
TLTC Conference Room
The proliferation of mobile devices and access to the internet in almost any location facilitate the use of mobile devices to support learning and inquiry.  This workshop will examine the use of mobile devices to provide location based learning opportunities through the use of geotagging, specialized apps, and augmented reality.  Students can share geotagged as part of a collaborative knowledge construction activity or other forms of peer social interaction.  ** Bring Laptop  Register

On the Go?  Stay Connected with Twitter
October 12, 2012  9-12pm
Computer Training Classroom
Danielle Mirliss, Associate Director; Riad Twal, Instructional Designer
Twitter was designed to be easy to use from just about any mobile device, allowing users to follow others and post quick status updates.  Twitter users can follow news organizations, interest groups, and individuals, as well as participate in backchannel communication during conferences and provide active feedback via various polling strategies.  During this session, we will take a look at creating a Twitter account, deciding who (and who not) to follow, and explore the possibilities of academic microblogging.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about staying connected in a constantly moving world!  Register

Creating Mobile Learning Opportunities with Podcasts
October 19, 2012  9-12pm
Computer Training Classroom
Wendy Sue Williams, Director of Language Resource Center; Riad Twal, Instructional Designer
Podcasts (audio or video), and can be quickly accessed from a variety of computing platforms, including highly mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.  During this session, we will take a look at repurposing existing content for use as enrichment material and methods for quickly creating and distributing original content, such as weekly discussion summaries, foreign language exercises, or a look ahead at what will be covered in class next week.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about creating your own Podcast Content!  Register

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